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Made in Italy

The SPACEONE PIZZA is a comprehensive pizza station designed for single pizza ovens, dough mixers, gas bottles, tools, and ingredients. Its foldable working surface allows for easy pizza preparation.

Constructed using high-quality FE-360-B steel and coated with outdoor resistant paint, this pizza station is both durable and practical. The 50mm swiveling wheels, made of white anti-mark rubber, make it highly versatile and secure.

The oven TOP shelf features an anti-fall perimeter edge and can support ovens up to 574x563mm in size although even larger base ovens can be accommodated by mounting the top shelf with the flat surface upwards.

The middle shelf can be adjusted to fit a small dough mixer or gas bottle.

The trolley can comfortably sustain a weight of up to 90kg.

Measuring at 60x60cm and 107cm.

Spaceone pizza is easy to assemble using the provided screws and threaded inserts already welded into the shelves. 

The side shelf features 8/10 thickness and is made of AISI 304 2B food grade steel. It is fitted with two strong safety hinges, ensuring that the shelf will not fall if accidentally unlocked. The mobile ingredient shelf is also constructed from 8/10 AISI 304 food steel and includes a locking hinge. Additionally, the food trays are equipped with caps for convenient storage in the refrigerator.

Pizza peel made in Italy