Hello there, my name is Michele, I'm Italian and Kiwi, I moved to New Zealand with my family in 2012. When I arrived here I did different jobs, one of which has been working in the "pizza" environment, allowing me to meet wonderful people and stay connected with my Italian roots and culture, I loved it! I came up with the desire to open La Pizza Hub (by Import Export Connections Ltd), an online supply store for Pizza restaurants, Italian restaurants, hospitality businesses and for any single individual with an interest and passion for traditional Italian food and its preparation.

It isn’t easy as it may seem for an Italian pizzeria or restaurant to prepare and serve high quality Italian food in New Zealand and Australia: there is a tremendous amount of work and resources spent on each and every aspect of restaurant management, starting from sourcing the right tools, products and equipment for your dining area and kitchen, selecting competent staff, preparing the menus, finding the best ingredients and so on.

The right equipment and tools will make all the difference between an efficient and therefore profitable restaurant and pizzeria from the other businesses.

At La Pizza Hub (by Import Export Connections Ltd), our mission is to research and supply restaurant equipment and tools that have been conceived, designed and built having in mind the needs and requests of the Italian food industry insiders. We look for the most modern technologies that can significantly increase efficiency making possible the serving of high quality dishes in a clean, well-organized and safe working environment. We also research and supply all new environmentally friendly products that can help drastically reduce if not eliminate our impact on nature.

Our goal is to become the trusted and reliable supplier for any food service professional or individual customer involved in a pizza restaurant, Italian restaurant or indeed any single fan of traditional Italian cuisine.

Our strategies: we follow precise strategies that allow us to maximize the quality, safety and efficiency of our services and products, maximize reliability towards all our clients all maintaining absolutely competitive prices!

1) Nearly all the machinery sold on www.lapizzahub.com is imported directly from Italy; as it arrives in New Zealand, we have a team of electricians, specialized in hospitality machines, that will certify them safe for New Zealand law requirements and test them so as to make sure nothing has gone wrong during the ocean shipment. If products are not from Italy it is only because we have found a foreign manufacturer that has higher quality and we are certain we are offering excellency!
2) All new machinery sold on www.lapizzahub.com can be bought through Silver Chef with their special formula that allows you to rent it for 1 year and then decide to buy it (and 50% of the rent you paid will be deduct from the price) or after 1 year continue renting the machine or give it back without any further obligation or upgrade it with a new different machine.
3) www.lapizzahub.com is an online store, no showroom costs, no big staff costs; we do import spare parts and we have conventions in place with hospitality expert technicians that can help you install your machinery and offer complete after sale services.