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This is an amazingly compact electric professional pizza oven that replicates the performance of a woodfired pizza oven; this isn't the average pizza cooker, the P134H 509 °C is the best indoor kitchen pizza oven that reaches a temperature of over 509 degrees C (948 F.) allowing you to cook a 34 cm. authentic Neapolitan pizza or any real Italian pizza in 60 seconds!!!! Stainless steel chamber, exterior and handle, separated regulation of the sky and floor of the oven so as to make the pizza cooking process easier (at the right temperature you won’t even need to turn the pizza around); floor with a BISCOTTO SAPUTO CASAPULLA that is a special stone  handmade by Italian artisans whom source the clay from the gulf of Naples; heavy isolated “cold” door with 3 different glasses; door mounted with an industrial seal and gasket; internal halogen illumination; external parts cooled through forced air ventilation. The oven comes with a 15 Ampere plug (single phase) for Australian and New Zealand market, we can deliver to any part of New Zealand and Australia. DUE TO THE VERY HIGH COST OF SHIPMENTS WE CAN'T ACCEPT RETURNS DUE TO THE 15 AMPERE PLUG
Features pizza oven NZ and AUS:
Electric Power Supply: Volt 230/50-60Hz
15 A plug that works both in NZ & Australia
External dimensions: 54 X 59 X 27 Cm
Internal dimensions: 35x41x11H Cm
Net Weight: 25 Kg Packed Biscotto: 7 Kg
Number of pizza: 1 Pizza cm: 34 Cm
Power: 3 kW
Top heating element: 2100 W
Bottom heating element: 900 W
Temperature Max: 509 °C Thermostats: 2x509 °C
Effeuno is an Italian manufacturer of patented ovens designed and handcrafted in Italy with certified materials, adaptable to any type of cooking. Their philosophy is "fast and good in a small space". It is a company with a young and modern character, specialised in the field of electric ovens for pizza, bread and pastry. Effeuno is a flexible and dynamic Company that constantly invests in research and development  offering new market solutions, developed in collaboration with customers, distributors, retailers and food producers.