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    Made in Italy
    The Scugnizzo napoletano allows you to cook 4 pizze (33 cm diameter) at the same time and more than 100 pizze an hour, effortlessly!!!!
    Cooking time, average temperature and Energy saving: The cooking time for a pizza is about 60 seconds. This oven bakes constantly at 450 ° C and higher. The strong system together with the thermal insulation keeps the high temperature even when coping with continuous and intense work. The graph shows the decrease in temperature after the system has been switched off: after 10 hours the oven will still be at 220 ° C. When the oven will be switched on the next time it will heat up starting already from a very high temperature, allowing a remarkable energy saving. 
    Energy Consumption of the  SCN-4. Inside the chamber: 8.34 kw, oven floor 3.5 kw. During service the oven does not use all its potential kw. The Chamber has 10 different settings you can choose. During service you can set the chamber at 8, which means that the resistors will be on 8 out of 10 seconds. The remaining 2 seconds in which the resistors aren’t powered, won’t affect in any way the temperature of the chamber thanks to the Thermal Inertia principle; the Thermal Inertia in fact will ensure the resistors will continue to heat up as if they were actually powered. This results in a 20% power saving. Therefore the necessary power to heat the chamber is not 8.34 kw but 6.672 kw (8.34 kw -20%= 6,672 kw an hour). The Oven Floor can be set between 2 and 8 depending on the amount of cooking the oven needs to perform. To achieve the heating of the oven floor you must set it at 4. During the cooking time you will set it at 2 if you are not cooking large numbers and set it between 4 and 8 if the oven is busy. The frequent cooking of pizza affects the surface heat of normal ovens, while the “biscotto di Sorrento” of the Scugnizzo is constantly maintained at the correct temperature from beneath and from chamber temperature that is always at 450°C or even more. So: Floor power 3.5 kw
    -80%= 0,700 kw/h (with floor set at 2)

    -70% = 1,050 kw/h (with floor set at 3)

    -60%= 1,400 kw/h (with floor set at 4)

    -50%= 1,750 kw/h (with floor set at 5)

    -40%= 2,100 kw/h (with floor set at 6)

    -30%= 2,450 kw/h (with floor set at 7)

    -20%= 2,800 kw/h (with floor set at 8)

    In conclusion the Scugnizzo SCN-4 oven has an hourly consumption of kw/h that varies between 6.672 and 9.450. That means that even if the oven is pushed to its maximum it is impossible to use more than 80% of its power consumption, saving you at least 20% of kw 11.84 = kw 9.450. During an average performance you will save up to 37% of power. The plug and socket must be 32 amps - 5 pins

    Cooking floor: The refractory bricks are the heart of your oven: 4 cm depth both at the bottom and at the top of the cooking chamber in order to keep all the heat produced. The floor is made of "Biscotto di Sorrento". This particular refractory brick is hand made by old furnaces, air-dried and afterwards oven-dried. It has been used for centuries for the floor of every wood oven. His great quality is to evenly and constantly spread the heat, giving the pizza its typical ppearance and taste that made it famous throughout the world.
    Electronic data sheet and electric resistance: The digital panel is very simple to use. Thanks to it, your oven works with minimum energy consumption, the system can be automatically powered on; the bottom and the top of the room can be operated independently! Most importantly, all this allows any product besides the pizza to be cooked with this oven. The resistors are in naked Nickel Chrome and expertly hand-stretched. Since they cover each and every point of the cooking chamber the pizza is cooked in the same way wherever it is placed.
    Smoke: Since there is no combustion, there is no need for any chimney.
    Tradition and technology: Made of granite, indestructible and oversized in any component. This is the soul of your oven. However, what strikes even more is its appealing form that catches the eye at first glance. The lines, the materials, the colours, everything is in line with the tradition which is wisely mixed with the advanced technology.
    Appearance and materials: The facade of Scugnizzo napoletano is enhanced by the use of metals of finest quality. The copper is carved by master copper smiths with relief engravings that personalise the appearance. The Vesuvian stone used for the oven landing is particularly thick and beautifully curved. The exterior is coated with micaceous iron paint highly resistant to corrosion and perfectly harmonizing with the handcrafted copper parts. 
    Handling: The revolving wheels make this rollaway oven easy to be moved even by a single person.
    Retractable controls: All electronic controls are positioned on one side of the oven and are elegantly hidden by a door.
    Lighting: Every single corner of the cooking chamber is perfectly light up by four hidden halogen lamps.
    The 4 pizza version of the Scugnizzo Napoletano is available here in NZ, whilst the 6 pizze and the 9 pizze version will have to be ordered, get in touch with us for further information on the 6 pizze and the 9 pizze versions.
    Pizza peel made in Italy