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Made in Italy


This mould is for POINTED 210 gr. Arancini 

Arancinotto PRO are a patented mold, for professional use, that allows you to efficiently prepare big quantities of Sicilian Arancini.

All the Arancini will have exactly the same shape and the perfect weight, without having to weigh the rice each time, therefore the whole preparation process will be faster, easier and it will always give you a perfect Sicilian artisan made Arancino

The Arancinotto PRO molds are extremely resistant and durable, they are designed and manufactured to be practically indestructible, perfect for laboratories, restaurants and street food.

There are many different recipes of Arancini and Arancine you can prepare: Arancini alla Trapanese, Palermo Arancine, Arancine agli spinaci, Arancini Messinesi, Arancini with meat from Catania, Arancine with Ham and Butter, Roman Supplì, Supplì Mozzarella & 'nduja, Potato croquettes, Arancini with ricotta and chocolate and many more. This is also the perfect gift for any lover of Italian traditional food!

Pizza peel made in Italy