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Made in Italy
R.G.V. slicer studied to cut cold-cuts, meat, cheese and bread. Its line allows a perfect cleaning thanks to the EASY CLEAN system that allows to tilt the plate for an easier cleaning. 
  • EASY CLEAN SYSTEM: special plate that can be opened for an easier cleaning
  •  Food holder arm with removable finger protection in plastic material washed in dishwasher
  • NEW fixed sharpener with lower cover
  • Die-cast casing in lacquered aluminium with two coats of paint and one of transparent for contact with food
  • Blade cover and food tray in die-cast aluminium protected by an anodic oxidation
  • Professional ventilated motor
  • Shaft holding the blade mounted on a double ball-bearing
  • Tempered ground hard chromium-plated professional blade, to maintain the more possible the cut efficiency
  • Removable sharpener with double emery to sharpen and to remove the burr made during sharpening

Blade: Ø 250 mm

Motor power: 140 Watt

Max. dimensions: 530 x 480 x H 375 mm

Cutting capacity: 220x160 (±5) mm  Run: 235 mm

Max. thickness of cutting: 14÷16 mm

R.G.V. has been created in the eighties, combining two big professional experiences: technical planning and commercial. The policy which has allowed R.G.V. to become a successful company has been of having always manufactured slicers for professional field. Constantly in search of new technologies and functionality, with the years the range of the products has increased, offering today many professional catering equipment and household appliances. 
R.G.V. production agrees with hygienic and security regulations and is certified by CE, EAC e TUV, that has allowed to sell in a lot of countries. Since 2014 R.G.V. also got the UNI EN ISO 9001 that is the basis to build and certify the company quality management system.