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    Made in Italy

    The VITELLA dough divider and rounder is a cutting-edge device that precisely transforms pizza and bread dough into accurately sized and shaped portions. Using an oscillating plate, it efficiently produces dough balls within seconds. VITELLA is the only automatic divider and rounder in the market certified by AVPN for the authentic Neapolitan pizza experience. This hydraulic machine is equipped with two cylinders for pressing, one for cutting, and one for rounding, all adjustable through the easy and intuitive control panel. Other features include a knife cleaning function and the ability to store up to 9 different programs. With a 15 division setting, this machine can create 2700 pizza dough balls per hour ranging from 150 gr. to 360 gr. without altering in any way the characteristics of the dough. It can handle dough up to 65%. hydration .

     Work cycle

    1. insert the plate manually; 
    2. close the front guard;
    3. set the operating times (pressing, rounding and chamber); 
    4. press the Start buttons; 
    5. the machine presses, cuts and rounds automatically; 
    6. open the front guard;
    7. remove the plate with the shaped balls.

    The VITELLA rounder and divider is single phase, easy to move, clean and very manageable. There are 3 different models: fully automatic, semiautomatic or also completely manual. 

    Vitella designed and built a line of dough handling machines that featured a groundbreaking clean and unmistakable design; from that early success has risen a new generation of dough dividers, unique not only in design but also in their concept. No detail was left to chance, every facet has been taken into consideration in order to give you a reliable, safe and visually pleasing tool for achieving excellent results.

    Welcome to the third generation of Vitella's pizza, pastry and bread dough rounders and dividers