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100 CORRUGATED PIZZA BOX 13" - 33 cm

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This corrugated E-flute pizza box is specifically designed for take away and street food. It features a plain brown exterior and two holes on the back side, allowing steam from the hot pizza to escape even when multiple boxes are stacked on top of each other, preventing the pizza from becoming soggy. It is also convenient for use with any other type of take away food.
Made in China.
  We can also provide a big number of different shapes, thickness, colors and personalize them with your logo, with a minimum order of  just 10,000 boxes, so get in touch and we will provide you with a very competitive quote.
13"x13"x1.7" Inches
33x33x4 cm.
Weight: approximately 140 gr.
The boxes come in bundles of 100 
Price: $ 0.69 each box. - Bundle of 100 boxes $ 69.00
Pizza peel made in Italy