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Made in Italy

This professional Pizza Peel comes with a neutral anodized head and handle, although it is very light compared to any other pizza peel, it is also extremely solid and durable. The overall design together with the oval tubular handle makes this pizza peel extremely balanced and easy to work with. Each and every surface of this Gi Metal professional peel is perfectly even and resistant to damage, usage and oxidation. When you cook pizza this is the best tool possible. Handling the pizza becomes incredibly easy and comfortable, the allocation of the pizza in the oven is precise. The perforated head allows to minimize friction so that the pizza will slide off very easily, and at the same time releases the flour in excess preventing it from sticking to the bottom of the pizza and burning during the cooking process.
  • HEAD DIMENSIONS: 36x36 cm.
  • HANDLE: 150 cm.
  • WEIGHT: 760 gr.

Gi.Metal is the worldwide leading manufacturer of pizza tools. As a manufacturer, Gi.Metal constantly analyses the market needs, explores new solutions, innovative materials and technologies. Gi.Metal fully satisfies the consumer’s requirements with the highest quality products on the market.

Pizza peel made in Italy