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    Made in Italy

    The price presented is for the basic setup, composed by an electric pasta cooker with 2 automatic basket lifters with programmed cooking time (one on each side of the pasta cooker) and a set of 4 x GN 1/6 baskets.
    The worldwide passion for Italian cousine and especially for pasta, in all its sizes and dressings, has suggested Desco to research and develop new technological solutions to prepare speedily high quality dishes in less time. The VOGLIA DI PASTA concept is a fast food solution that allows the catering professional to reduce costs and time, ensuring a quick and excellent service to the customer.


    • Three programs for each auto lift module
    • Simplified electronic controls with adjustable timers
    • Acoustic signal at the end of each cooking cycle warns the operator that the pasta is ready to be served thus avoiding service delays. Then the auto lift raises the baskets as the program ends its cycle.
    • In addition to serving pasta always cooked in the same way, increases productivity and improves the organization of the kitchen.
    • Consistent quality of cooked pasta all the time whether it is dry pasta, frozen pasta or fresh pasta. 
    • Easy to use, automates pasta cooking production, frees kitchen staff to do other tasks
    • Efficient kitchen operation, reduces labor costs, bottom line increases profitability.
    The basic set up is composed by an electric pasta cooker with 2 automatic baskets lifter (one on each side of the pasta cooker) and programmed cooking time and a set of 4 x GN 1/6 baskets.
    Every setup of VOGLIA DI PASTA will be developed together with the manufacturer so as to satisfy each and every need the customer has and based on the space available; therefore any VOGLIA DI PASTA concept will be designed, manufactured in Italy and shipped to La Pizza Hub for the necessary New Zealand certifications and then delivered to clients.
    You can expand your VOGLIA DI PASTA with bigger cookers with double tank made in stainless steel AISI 316L and add the saladette area, which preserves fresh pasta in positive temperature +5°+8°C into stainless steel basins, and the bain marie area, which keeps dressings warm.
    The collaboration between DESCO and LA PIZZA HUB, offers you a 360° quality service: from initial advice, designing following ergonomic and functionality factors to the implementation of the equipment in relation to the available space, from very small to extra large dimensions.
    Desco srl was established over 25 years ago as a manufacture of equipment for food industry and professional kitchens. The company has developed over the years and now offers a broad range of products, such as cooking equipment, ovens, refrigeration appliances, static preparation, washing and self service equipments, which allow catering professionals to put together large kitchen systems.