Totem Sicilian Arancini Maker - Manual Machine

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Totem is an innovative manual machine that allows you to produce real artisan Sicilian Arancini, without using motors or electrical elements. The Totem is designed and made in Italy, with the express purpose of facilitating laboratories restaurants and street food kiosks in the efficient production of big numbers of typical Sicilian Arancini.

Operating the Totem Arancinotto is simple, effortless and the Arancini come out perfect, all with the same shape and with the rice grains always well intact.

The materials used for the manufacturing of the Totem are in stainless steel and food safe.

The Totems comes with a mold for pointed Arancini of 190 gr.

The 190 gr. pointed mold can be used also without the Totem itself for the production of perfect arancini.