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Made in Italy

Expertly designed machine for precise and efficient cutting, fraying, and slicing of various types of cheese and vegetables.

Made with a sturdy stainless steel structure and equipped with thermal protection and an ABS door for added safety and preservation.

Features include a 24 Volt control panel and 4 interchangeable cones for 2mm, 2.5mm, 4mm, and 7mm slicing options. Compact dimensions of 22x42x44 cm with a high hourly production rate of approximately 50 KG.

  • Cone 2 mm. for slicing mushrooms zucchine etc
  • Cone 2.5 mm. for fraying tender soft or not too mature cheese
  • Cone 4mm. for appetizers and Julienne vegetables
  • Cone 7mm. for fraying mozzarella cheese


Pizza peel made in Italy