Moretti Forni


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    Made in Italy

    Moretti iDECK electric DOUBLE DECK pizza oven ensures high quality pizza baking with an unbelievably competitive pricing.
    In the PD60.60 iDECK by forni moretti, you can bake 8 pizze with a 30 cm diameter simultaneously. If you are thinking to open a pizzeria you will love this oven: it reaches temperatures of 450 C and, would you believe it or not, it is a SINGLE PHASE 230V. 


    Separate ceiling and floor power control

    Special spring inserted in the door that facilitates its opening and closure

    Thicker heating elements

    Baking surface in refractory brick 

    The Moretti iDeck guarantees an excellent uniformity of baking, it is incredibly easy to use so, with it's competitive pricing, it is the ideal oven if you want to start your ristorante or pizza place . 

    Internal dimensions:    614 x 660 x 140 mm.

    External dimensions:    850 x 921 x 660 mm.

    Weight:          133

    Power:    240V, 1N, 8.4kW, 35A


     Moretti Forni is the leading Company in the field of baking technologies. Since 1946 Moretti forni has provided the perfect baking experience following the concept that heat is an ingredient itself. 

     Pizza peel made in Italy