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    Made in Italy

    Moretti forni Neapolis is an exceptional pizza and baking electric oven with a cutting-edge design.

    Manufactured in Italy, using the best materials and applying the most intelligent solutions to limit power consumption, just 6.5 kW/h (Neapolis 6) and 6.8 kW/h (Neapolis 9). The insulation materials, vintage stainless-steel finishes, an opening in heavy-duty cast iron, black steel hood, baking deck in “biscotto” clay, and optimized elements, are not only beautiful but also ensure incredible performances reaching the highest temperature ever seen in an electric oven: 510°C. The Moretti Forni Neapolis will guarantee you the maximum temperatures that will allow you to bake a Neapolitan pizza in less than 1 minute.

    Powerful, reliable, and tireless this oven has also a hidden secret: the base under the oven nestles a prover with tray holder slides. 

    Whether you’re thinking about a traditional Neapolitan pizza, a “chariot wheel” pizza, thin-crust pizza, a “pizza canotto”, contemporary Neapolitan, pizza romana or a crispy base Neapolis® gives you all the power your pizzeria needs.

    Features and technical info

    - maximum temperature 510°C

    - baking chamber in refractory bricks

    - adjustable internal deflectors

    - “biscotto” clay baking surface

    - built-in heating elements in the refractory deck

    - Dual-Power® temperature management of ceiling and deck

    - Power Technology workload peaks control

    - Eco-Standby® work breaks time control

    - high-density insulation

    - Cool-Around® external surfaces

    - manual steam valve

    - daily power-on timer

    - 20 customisable programs

    - internal lighting

    - self-cleaning program

    - hidden socle wheels

    - prover with tray holder slides

    - prover with internal lighting

    - stainless-steel removable door

    - removable door with glass panel (optional)

     Moretti Forni is the leading Company in the field of baking technologies. Since 1946 Moretti forni has provided the perfect baking experience following the concept that heat is an ingredient itself.

    Pizza peel made in Italy