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Made in Italy

DOLLY is simply the best small “counter top” pasta extruder machine; extremely compact and reliable it is perfect for serving high quality home-made pasta in your restaurant or pizza place. DOLLY can knead by using any kind of flour and it produces long and short pasta shapes along with sheets for making lasagna and ravioli, by simply changing the die. 

Its external structure is made of anodized aluminium and the parts that are in contact with pasta are made of stainless steel; It includes a safety button and a switch light. It respects all accident prevention regulations in force.

The machine is supplied with: 

  • Rotating cutting knife for short pasta shapes.
  • Bronze die for sfoglia 170 mm. for lasagna and ravioli preparation.
  • Bronze die Tagliatelle 6 mm.
  • Bronze die for Fettuccine 8 mm.
  • Bronze die Pappardelle 14 mm.
  • Bronze die for Rigatoni 10 mm.
  • Bronze die for fusilli 10 mm.
  • Bronze die for Orecchiette 22 mm.
Technical data:
Weight: 27 Kg.
Dimensions: 290x550x300 mm.
Motor power: 750 W
Kneading vat capacity: 2.5 Kg.
Extruded pasta production: 6 Kg/h

     Since 1978 La Monferrina has been producing entirely Made in Italy professional pasta machines to be used for pasta production inside specialized laboratories and industries. Inside our plants, we create and develop exclusive projects for producing any kind of pasta in the name of an easy use combined with the quality and genuineness of the final product.