La Pizza Hub is an online supply store for Pizza restaurants, Italian restaurants, hospitality business and for any single customer that has an interest and passion for Italian traditional food and its preparation.

For an Italian pizzeria or Italian restaurant in New Zealand and Australia, to prepare and serve high quality Italian food isn’t as easy as it could seem: there is a tremendous amount of work and resources spent on each and every aspect of a restaurant management, starting from the menus, finding the right ingredients and competent staff, source the right tools and equipment for your dining area and kitchen and so on.

The right equipment and tools will make the difference between an efficient and therefore profitable restaurant pizzeria from the other businesses. Therefore at La Pizza Hub wehave the mission to  research and supply restaurant equipment and tools that have been conceived, designed and built having in mind the needs  and requests of the Italian food industry insiders.

Our goal is to become the trusted and reliable supplier for any food service professional or individual costumer involved in a pizza restaurant, Italian restaurant or only fan of the Italian cuisine.


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