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    Made in Italy

    Make consistent pizzas with no extra labor costs with the CUPPONE PIZZAFORM PZF 30DS WITH STAND. This hardy, Italian-made pizza press is designed to press 12" pizzas with a traditional crust. Adjust the thickness for up to 400 pizzas per hour, with precise results every time. Perfect for busy kitchens.

    Hardly ever used Cuppone pizza press for 30 cm (12 inch) traditional Italia pizza.
    The Cuppone Pizzaform PZF 30DS is a practical, safe and easy to use heated pizza press, specifically designed for fast paced pizza places. Opening a pizza is a time-consuming phase of the pizza preparation process, and it requires experienced and specialized labour. The Cuppone Pizzaform can deliver up to 400 pizze an hour, all consistent to one another without the need of specialized labor. The pizze will come all with the same shape and thickness and all with the traditional edging obtained thanks to the special design of the flared edges of both plates. The thickness of the pizza can be easily adjusted. The design of their thermostatically controlled heated chrome pressure plates form a solid thin layer of seared starch gel as the dough is pressed. This seared starch layer on the pressed dough holds back the gas produced in the natural fermentation of the dough and produces perfect even cooking inside of the pizza bases.
    • All stainless-steel construction
    • Electric power supply: AC 3 N 400
    • For 30 cm traditional Italian pizza (12 inch pizza)
    • Self-contained
    • Safety cage
    • Patented design
    • Able to make 400 pizzas per hour
    • Top and bottom temperature controls
    • Adjustable press times
    • Easily adjustable
    • Stainless steel stand with casters
    • Stand Includes a 46x66 cm dough draw 18x 26 inch
    • Produces uniformity in shape and thickness